Велосипед рикша симулятор

Добро пожаловать на трассу длинного вождения для симулятора Tricycle Rickshaw Driving Simulator, вас ждет реалистичный опыт езды на велорикше. Вы уже играли во многие симуляторы рикши, но этот рикша цикла потрясающая и имеет много захватывающих уровней. Приятной игры!
Используйте WASD для езды

Parking Car Crash Demolition Multiplayer

Welcome to the new parking car crash demolition. In this game you can fight with smart ai cars and also with real players, try multiplayer or campaign and destroy any car you see in maps, you can customize your car by choosing color, Nitro, 45 models of wheels and also 12 cars model, you can play also as police with cool light and stuff :). This is v1 version will come in time more games like this, all is on work, enjoy and support us by playing every day

Muddy Village Car Stunt

Muddy Village Car Stunt is one of the most popular category of driving games. «Beetle, M4, Mustang GT, Camaro» to be with 4 different cars on muddy roads, whether you drift or overcome obstacles to collect points. Drift in the game arena if you want to drift and you can experience high excitement. Can you overcome the unique obstacles? Come on! Fasten your seat belt!
W A S D or Arrow Keys F Nitro C Camera L Lights

CyberTruck on Mars

Get ready for a fun and action-packed Mars journey with CyberTruck. Take samples from soils on the surface of Mars and benefit research. Can you successfully complete 10 different and challenging missions? Soils in the vehicle does not take damage and you must reach the duty point within the specified time. With CyberTruck you can do free rides on the surface of Mars.
W A S D or Arrow Keys