Plane Merge

Merge planes and be a pilot Buy merge and manage your planesMouse

Avocado Mother

We need to gather the 6 seeds of each mother avocado in order to gather the scattered avocado family throughout the kitchenW A S DRead More


An evil wizard took our pet, try to reach the end to retrieve it. With the experience that we will gather along the way, itRead More

Christmas tap tap

Получите как можно больше звезд, чтобы побить свой рекорд. Прикоснитесь к экрану, чтобы подтолкнуть сани

Метание ножа

Это игра в метание ножа, когда вы бьете по яблоку, вы получаете очки. Пройдите как можно выше, когда попадете в зеленую зону. Щелчок мыши

GN Red Ball

This is a game that uses the calculation and adjustment of blocks to put the marble in the last position. Good lucky and fun.Click mouse

Dunk Jump

Dunk Jump is a mouse click game to get stars. The more stars you can buy other balls. It is a simple game no lessRead More

Volleyball Match Of Pills

Want to play volleyball with Pill players? Get ready to challenge your opponent with improved artificial intelligence. If you want to be a strong opponent,Read More

Desert car

A «Shoot and jump» style game in which we drive a car in the desert equipped with a missile launcher. You start with 3 lives,Read More

Box Run

Box Run is a touch and hold game. Boxes of the same color touch each other to earn points, if different boxes touch each otherRead More