Стреляй в парня

Стреляй в парня — это игра с прицелом на оружие с уровнем точности. В игре есть только одно правило: не упусти свой шанс. Целься идеально,Read More


Kill and hide bodies in this fun online murder game. Try to kill as many people at the Halloween party as possible. Try not toRead More

Granny’s Mansion

Granny’s Mansion — horror-first-person quest with a chilling atmosphere. In the story the main character finds himself in an unknown structure from which you wantRead More

Zombie Ate All

zombie at all is a action game, kill the zombie and earn scoreauto run use arrow UP to jump and Z or X to attack


Zombo is a shooter game, kill the zombie on street and collect coin to earn scoreclick button A to shooter zombie and button arrow UPRead More