Have fun playing with the numbers. Solve mathematical calculations before your time runs out. -Try to reach the third difficulty before time runs out -UnlockRead More

Метание ножа

Это игра в метание ножа, когда вы бьете по яблоку, вы получаете очки. Пройдите как можно выше, когда попадете в зеленую зону. Щелчок мыши

GN Red Ball

This is a game that uses the calculation and adjustment of blocks to put the marble in the last position. Good lucky and fun.Click mouse

Box Run

Box Run is a touch and hold game. Boxes of the same color touch each other to earn points, if different boxes touch each otherRead More

Get 10

Do you like math or logic games? Thanks to this amusing number connecting you will start to love it! Match the same adjacent numbers toRead More

Math Quiz Game

How good are you at Math? Play this game to confirm that. It’s good for brain training. Play now!Tap or Click